How to Play Bass Guitar

Have you ever wondered... 


How create incredible Bass Lines?
How to accurately play anywhere on the Bass?
How to play Blues and Shuffle? How to play Funky Grooves?

If you have wondered this... Here is something you should know.


Learn to Play Bass Guitar

Hi, my name is J.P. Dias I’ve been teaching bass guitar for over 15 years and have organized this Bass Video Lessons in a way that is easy to understand.

Even if you’ve never played the Bass Before, you’ll be able to play several musical ideas in just minutes.

No music reading is required. Each exercise is written in standard notation and tablature.

These Bass Video Course covers everything you need to know to play the bass the right way and take you playing to the next level.

The Video Lessons accompanying this Bass Lessons with eBook are provided to enhance your learning process. They contain performances of all written examples.

My intent in writing these Bass Lessons - eBook with Video Lessons is to provide you with the most USEFUL information that is crucial as a Bass Player and show you what is expected of you by other musicians.

This eBook with Video Bass Lessons includes information contain in numerous lessons (one year worth of Professional Bass Instructor) at a fraction of the cost of 1/2 an hour lesson.

Bass Lessons - Blues Bass Lines

Blues Bass Lines

Great for Beginners and Intermediate players, you’ll learn everything you need to know to play the blues. Comprehensive source for the most-used blues bass lines. These Bass Lessons will provide you 12 examples from Slow Blues to Shuffle, Swing and Funk.

Slow Blues in A7
Shuffle in G7
Shuffle in C7
Slow Blues in A7
Blues in G7
Shuffle in A7
Blues in G7
Blues in G7 Connecting Chords
Blues In E7
Blues in C7 (funk)
Blues in F7 (swing)
Blues in Bb7 (swing)


Bass Lessons - Slapping Funky Grooves

Slap Bass Lessons

These bass guitar lessons will teach you everything you need to know to learn how to play slap bass!!!
You will have a compilation of all the exercises you must know in order to play Slap as well as a variety of Funky Grooves that you will be able to play along with your band and friends.

These Lessons Include
- Slapping and Popping Technique
- Muted Notes
- Pull-off
- Hammer-on
- Slapping Funky Grooves

If you are not familiar with these terms, Don't fear, they are explained clearly in the book.

Bass Lessons - Scales and Arpeggios

Scales and Arpeggios

Large illustrations make this book easy to follow.
As you see in the picture, every scale shows its Triads and Arpeggios.
It also includes several exercises for each scale.

Here is an example of the Scales included:

• Ionan
• Dorian
• Phrygian
• Lydian
• Mixolydian
• Aeolian
• Locrian
• Major and minor Pentatonic
• Blues Scale
• Minor Harmonic
• Minor Melodic
• Natural Minor
• Symmetrical Diminished Whole/Half
• Symmetrical Diminished Half/Whole


Free Bass Play Along

The wealth of information in these bass guitar lessons are a tremendous value at this low price, but we can't resist giving our customers a little more, so now we're including our Free Bass Play Along.

Bassist show off what you got with our Groove Arsenal Play Along Vol. 1.

A band at your command! Groove Arsenal Play Along Vol. 1 gives you the chance to jam with the band while you learn to play bass in a wide variety of styles. You'll sharpen your skills as you prepare for any situation that pops up at your next gig, or help you get the gig at your next audition. This is a great chance to use the knowledge and techniques you learned with our lessons.

All that is missing is your bass playing, come jam and have fun!


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How to Play Bass Guitar

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