Bass Soloing Vol. 1

Have you ever wondered...

How create incredible Bass Solos?
How to accurately play anywhere on the Bass?
How to solo connecting chords smoothly, clear and precise?
How to play the Right Notes? Even when while improvising?

If you have wondered this...Here is something you should know.


Learning to Play Bass Guitar Solos

It doesn't matter what style you want to play -Funk, Rock, Jazz, R&B, Gospel, Country, or whatever style you may like- because you are not just learning a few "licks" here, You are learning a complete solo ideas that will give you total master of your bass and the ability to solo any music, any style, simple, quick and easily.

Increase your music vocabulary and show yourself and everyone else how you can really play.

No music reading is required. Each video lesson is also written in standard notation and TAB.

The intent of these bass lessons is to provide the student with a straight forward content.

Bass Soloing Volume 1 is an improvisational course for bass players, perfect for beginner to intermediate players who want to develop a solid foundation, as well as learning basic overview of jazz improvisation.

These Bass Lessons are recommended as a follow up course to J.P. Dias’s Bass Lessons Complete Video Pack, or as a Stand-Alone course for those wishing to gain a great overview of how to improvise Bass Solos.

This comprehensive introductory course will show you key components used in improvisation, and presents a progressive and systematic approach for getting these sounds into your hands and ears. Learn soloing concepts using scales, modes, arpeggios, passing notes, and diatonic chord tone soloing.

Develop your soloing skills with these comprehensive Video Lessons.

These Lessons will give you over 20 full-length great Bass Solos using a variety of melodic ideas played over common and traditional progressions.

You will learn soloing concepts played over ii V I in Major Key, ii V I in Minor Key and 12-bar Blues.

This complete course will have you playing like a Pro in a very short time. BELIEVE IT!

Bass Soloing Vol. 1

Bass Soloing Vol 1
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