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Our Drum Lessons allow you to:

Take drum lessons that increase limb independence.
Learn to play drums with proper technique.
Take drumming lessons on your own schedule.
Learn how to play drums online or on DVD.

Drum Lessons: The Collection you'll learn with the best.

Learn to Play Drums

You know you've always wanted to play the drums. It just looks like fun! 

Drum Lessons - The Collection is designed to make that dream reality. And if you already know your way around the drum kit, we'll help take your playing to new heights. 

15-year drum teaching veteran Brandon Cruz leads you through five complete series of drum lessons that will have you up and playing quickly, even if you've never sat behind the drums before.

Our drum lessons are structured so one lesson succeeds into another in a natural progression that reinforces what you learned in previous lessons while building upon it in the next. In this manner you retain more and will instinctively know how to apply that knowledge gained to the current drum lesson.

We start at the very beginning for the student without any previous knowledge of how to the play the drums. Our drum lessons cover everything from the basics such as how to hold the drum sticks and drumming fundamentals to complex drum beats and fills, and no music reading is required!

Learning how to play the drums takes coordination. Our drum lessons will slowly build the coordination you need and train your body so each limb operates independently. Our split screen video will show you what role the bass drum and hi-hat pedals play, while simultaneously showing you what you'll play with your hands, along with easy to follow charts.

For the advanced player, we have drum lessons that dive in-depth into various techniques and syncopations that will really make your playing groove, along with a few "tricks of the trade" that you won't find in other online drum lessons on the internet.

In all, you'll get over two years worth of drum lessons for less than the price of a single private drum lesson. You get to set your own pace for how quickly you want to learn how to the play drums and you'll always be able to go back and review previous lessons. Plus, our included printable eBook will allow you to practice when you're away from you computer or DVD player.

Don't miss out on the fun. There's no excuse any longer, we make it easy to learn how to play the drums!


Drum Lessons - Basic RudimentsEssential Drum Rudiments

This is where it all begins. These drum lessons are perfect for the beginner who wants to learn how to play the drums, whether they want to play Rock, Jazz, Country, Funk, Blues, or even if they want to become part of a Drum Corp Drumline.

In the first of these drum lessons we take an in-depth look hand positioning.   We'll show the proper way to hold the sticks that will increase your precision and stick control. We'll work on balance and coordination, along with tips for relaxation, so your playing will have a natural feel.

Working primarily with the snare drum, the next drum lessons work on the basic rudiments that are the foundation to what you'll apply throughout the drum kit.

Starting with the single stroke roll and then advancing to the double stroke roll, we'll show you how to play these basic rudiments in the proper way that will help develop your coordination and control necessary for more complex patterns and rhythms shown in future drum lessons in this rudiment series.

Then we'll show you how to combine these single stroke and double stoke techniques together to form paradiddles that'll seamlessly coordinating your left and right hands. Unlike some online drum lessons that will just show you a pattern, we give you a detailed explanation of how correctly play the paradiddle and its application in modern drumming.

In continuing drum lessons in Basic Rudiments, you'll learn the buzz roll, finger control techniques and more. Then we show you how to implement what you have learned on the snare drum or practice pad and transfer it throughout the drumset.

Rock Star or Drumline member, Jazz Cat or Funkmaster-these rudimentary drum lessons will give you the tools to play with feel and add character to your playing.


Drum Lessons - Basic On Drums Vol.1Beginners Drum Lessons

In this series of drum lesson highly respected drum instructor Brandon Cruz shows you everything you need to know to get started in the exciting world of drumming.

Starting with a detailed look at the drumset, Brandon specially explains the role of each drum and cymbal that makes up the modern drum kit today. He then shows the proper way to set up and adjust the drums and cymbals so you'll play comfortably without fatigue. Proper set up will also increase your speed and accuracy when learning to play drums.

These drum lessons cover proper body placement to give you ultimate control over your playing, as well as examining various bass drum (also know as the kick drum) pedal foot placement, including the heel-up and heel-down techniques.

With those basics covered, we show you how to play simple drum beats that are the basic drum beats of many Rock, Country and Pop songs.   Off of these simple beats, you'll be shown how to play different variations, each of which creates a different feel. In this way, these drum lessons will effectively build your drum beat arsenal.

We'll work on building your hand-foot coordination, and help each limb to operate independently; freeing you from pre-conditioned movement habits and opening new drum channels to explore, something you won't find in most free online drum lessons.

Basics on Drums Vol. 1 also includes drum lessons looking at various fill patterns, starting simple and moving onto more complex ideas, including the incorporation of the bass drum into the drum fill. This is just one example of an element in our drumming lessons that are often overlooked by many conventional drum instructors.

Then we show you how to transition from playing a drum beat to a fill and back into rhythm smoothly, so you'll be in the groove and have the coveted "tight" feeling.

With the basics taught in these drum lessons; you'll be ready to start playing with your band and sound great doing it!

Drum Lessons - Basic On Drums Vol. 2Basic Drum Beats and Fills

In these drum lessons you'll take what you learned in Basics on Drums Vol. 1 to new heights and add a few new tricks to spice up your playing. These drum lessons are also perfect for the drummer that has had private drum instruction and looking to expand repertoire and hone their chops.

We'll show you even more variations on the basic patterns you learned in previous drum lessons that are more complex and intriguing, opening the pathway into different musical styles such as Rock and Funk.

These drum lessons will move from the basic feel of eighth notes into sixteenth notes. Sixteenth note patterns (even when just played on the Hi-Hat) more than doubles the drummer's playground, and can add intensity and urgency into your drum beats. We'll show you the practical ways to play the sixteen notes and when to apply the various techniques such as one-handed sixteenth note beats, and detailed training as to how to correctly play two-handed sixteenth note beats.

We'll examine left foot hi-hat technique, and how to best add this exciting open hi-hat variable into your drum beats.

These drum lessons also takes a deeper look into developing hand-foot coordination. This is important, as we'll show you how the hi-hat pedal works in conjunction with the drumsticks in your hand, as well as your left foot's ability to hold a rhythm on its own.

Then, we'll take these new rhythmic ideas and apply them to your drum kit as whole, particularly on the ride cymbal, and demonstrate how you can prevent your drum beats from sounding tedious and tired.

These drum lessons not only infuse new life into your playing and make you well-rounded drummer, but set you on the springboard to become a world-class drummer.

Drum Lessons - RockRock Drum Lessons

Our drum lessons will have you playing like a rock star!   In these video lessons we examine the fundamentals of Rock as they apply in Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Punk Rock, Heavy Metal, Pop Rock and more.

These intermediate level video drum lessons start with the basic elements of rock:   a powerful drum beat. We dive into the common rhythm patterns found in the various forms of rock, and then expand upon them with variation in placement of snare and bass drum beats.

Our Rock drum lessons then expand up these new feels with the appropriate drum fills and accents that'll illuminate your playing, and take it to the next level.

We'll extend your catalog of drum beats and fills, included those "power fills" that include the bass drum as part of the riff. These drum lessons will teach you to play with the intensity and the sounds that are Rock, down to the little nuances such as how hard to hit the hi-hat and just how open it should be.

Then we show you how to control it; with dynamics. Our drum lessons will show you how to play with that intensity even at low volumes, something they may not show you in those free online drum lessons.

Of course, we'll expand upon your coordination with new fun exercises that will have you placing accents in different places within the sixteenth notes on the hi-hat, and continuing study of hand-foot coordination.

As always, we provide clear, crisp charts for you to follow as well as video examples in each of these drum lessons.   And we wrap it all up with an exhibition demo that shows you how you can apply all that you've learned, along with a full-length drum solo.

You have always wanted to play drums like a rock star: Our drum lessons can help make that happen.

Drum Lessons - FunkFunk Drum Lessons

We dive into the rich rhythmic elements of Funk in this series of video drum lessons. These lessons for the more advanced drummer will expand your mind and your chops whether you play Funk, Soul, R&B, or Hip Hop.

Drums are of paramount importance in these forms of music (and often the primary instrument!), and our mission with these intermediate to advanced drum lessons is to help you to conquer this exacting style in a way that is fun and appealing. Even if your stylistic desires lay elsewhere in the musical spectrum, you may find these drum lessons beneficial as these licks and techniques have become increasing popular in most every style of music.

Of course, it all starts with a beat, and many times this drum beat is the signature of the song. In these drum lessons we start with the basic and common Funk drum beats. We examine what makes these beats move: Syncopation.

Whether it's the syncopation of the kick drum or snare, we'll show you where to place the beats in a way that will feel natural and increase the groove factor with our video examples and easy-to-read drum charts. Our drum lessons feature split screen video, allowing you to see both acclaimed drum instructor Brandon Cruz's foot work and stick work at the same time.

We'll elaborate on the sixteenth note syncopation on the hi-hat to dramatically increase the sense of character in the grooves you play. Deeper in these funk drum lessons, we'll take a look at some of the tricks of the trade, such as ghost notes, inherent in this style of music.

Our drum lessons will also examine the style of linear playing that's so characteristic in Funk, and reveal the secrets of how it works.

Funk style of music is exemplified in the well known music of the American Icon James Brown. We'll show you James Brown-style rhythms and breakdown the beat to show you each of the crucial elements of Funk that are represented in his music.

And we'll cap it off with an exhibition demo that shows you how you can implement all that you've learned, including a full-length drum solo.

Come and learn to play drums in the groovin' Funk style...it's the music that really gets the party started!

Play Along for Drums - Free Bonus

As our way of saying thank you for purchasing the package above, we're also including our FREE Play Along!!

Drummers, improve your drum skills playing real songs with Groove Arsenal Play Along Vol. 1.

Here is your opportunity to apply the drum beats and fills you learned in our drum lessons with our band.  All that's missing are the drums that you provide.  You'll learn to play the drums in a wide variety of music styles, preparing you for whatever challenges that might pop up in real life gigging situations.

So join the band and have some fun playing the drums! 

The Collection - Drum Lessons

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