Basic Guitar Chords

This is the perfect series of lessons for anyone who desires to play the guitar.  Not only will you begin playing quickly, you’ll be set up with proper techniques that’ll help you successfully fulfill your musical journey regardless of where you want to go.

Realize your dream of becoming a guitarist today!

Beginner guitar chords

learn guitar chordsWith our guitar lessons for beginners, you can easily learn guitar chords along with the basic strumming patterns and start yourself on a fulfilling musical journey.

There has never been a better time to learn the basic guitar chords and start making music!  Modern manufacturing techniques have made good sounding, easy playing guitars affordable for beginning guitar players in just about every budget.  And now…

If you have aspirations of becoming a singer, never again will you find yourself tied to the whims of other musicians to back you up.  You’ll be able to accompany yourself in a wide variety styles after just a few lessons.  Songwriters will love these lessons for the way leading tones found even in some of the beginner guitar chords that suggest new and intriguing melodies.  For those who want to rock (or jazz it up) and aspire to play lead guitar, these will help you learn harmony: the basis for creating melodic solos.

As with all of our guitar lessons for beginners, you’ll be able to set your own pace at which you learn.  So, once you master a few of the basic guitar chords in one key or style of music, you can move on to the next set of lessons and learn guitar chords without having to wait for your guitar instructor to be ready for you.

basic guitar chordsLearn guitar chords

If you ever wanted to learn how to play guitar, this is where it all starts.  These beginner guitar chords are the building blocks of which tens of thousands of songs are built.

With these guitar lessons for beginners, we show you the easy-to-memorize shapes that form the basic guitar chords.  The strings on the guitar and the frets form a grid which we use to help you approach the guitar using a sense of logic that you already understand.

You don’t get bogged down in theory of how the chords are constructed, but rather how to play them, so you’re making music in almost no time at all.

We do show you which chords work together and tell you why they work together so well, so you’ll start to develop an intuitive sense of chord patterns and begin to recognize how your favorite songs were constructed.

And as you learn the beginner guitar chords, you’ll also start to develop a strong sense of rhythm.  These lessons show you the most common guitar strumming patterns and different variations you can use to make the songs you play stand out with a character all their own.

Learn guitar chords, strumming patterns and basic song construction and you can become a real guitar player today!  We’re here to make it all easy for you.

These lessons are also available in our how to play guitar chords package which contains Guitar Chords Vol. 1, Vol.2 and our Jam Along.

Basic Guitar Chords

basic guitar chords
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