Guitar Techniques

This series of lessons focuses on the practical approach for guitar playing techniques.  In addition to being able to play faster with a great degree of accuracy, you’ll also learn various ways to articulate notes and enhance your tone.

Release the monster player inside of you!

How to Play Lead Guitar

how to play lead guitarNow for the first time, our guitar solo techniques lessons, part of our Ultimate Guitar Lessons series, is available separately.  This is a great series of lessons for those who have already learned chords and scales, and want to pull all their previous training together in a comprehensive manner.

Learn how to play lead guitar with proper technique that’ll set you up to play faster and sound better, while at the same time increasing your accuracy and opening up a doorway of infinite possibilities for your improvised guitar solos.

If you’re looking to fine-tune you guitar playing techniques, these lessons will give you everything you need to increase your finger independence, hand-to-hand coordination, speed, control and agility.

You’ll learn techniques that’ll beautify your tone, and give your guitar the much desired singing quality that’s usually associated with more accomplished professional players. 

If you already know your guitar scales and how to construct a guitar solo, these guitar solo techniques will allow you to articulate and punctuate those notes and make your guitar a much more expressive instrument. You’ll be able to make each note have its own distinctive quality, just as each word helps you clearly enunciate a sentence.

You’ll learn how to play lead guitar integrating all these essential elements taking your previous experience to a whole different level as you incorporate these new techniques, preparing you to enter into the professional arena.

If you’re looking for a complete series to learn how to play electric guitar, you can save even more money by purchasing our Ultimate Guitar Lessons package which includes these guitar technique lessons, plus Scale Studies, Soloing Concepts Vol. 1 & 2, and free bonuses.

guitar techniques Guitar playing techniques

The techniques covered in these lessons will allow you to play better longer with the proper positioning of both your left and right hands.  In addition to increasing your comfort and reducing fatigue, with these lead guitar techniques you’ll find your chords will ring true, once awkward reaches become easier and you’ll be able to pull off faster runs.

You’ll begin incorporating such guitar solo techniques as string skipping, string bending, slides (and more) that’ll give your solos a more distinguished professional sound.  This will help you give your own playing it’s own personal characteristic, rather than sounding like so many of the copycat players…and will certainly make you sound good when it’s your turn to take center stage.

The guitar playing techniques taught in these lessons will also increase your speed through the use of various guitar picking technique such as alternate picking, sweep picking and the use of hammer on and pull offs.  These effects not only sound great, but they also have a great visual appeal.  And everyone knows:  performance is also a visual art.

These (also available on DVD) do more than just increase the speed at which you play, with the use of these guitar techniques you’ll play more tastefully.

Your guitar will become a greater instrument of expression with tone beautifying lead guitar techniques such as vibrato and the various musical slurs. With the ability to articulate any note in more than five different ways, with these techniques at your fingertips you’ll be able to make your guitar sing, weep, or laugh regardless of whether you play rock, soul, country, funk, jazz or rhythm and blues.

These guitar solo techniques will really make your playing stand out from the pack!

Guitar Techniques

guitar techniques
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