Learn Guitar Scales

This comprehensive study of the major, minor, pentatonic scales and how to play guitar arpeggios empowers you, giving you the knowledge and the ability to use the entire neck of your guitar as a means to express yourself with more melodic solos.

Give yourself the wings to take flight!

Scales for Guitar

learn guitar scalesWe understand the importance of the use of scales to enhance your solos.  Let’s face it: scales are the language of music.  Trying to play without understanding scales is like trying to speak a foreign language without understanding the words or form.

We’ve specially charted the major scales for guitar players so they can be quickly learned and you can implement them into your solos. We’ll also show you special effects, such as how to play guitar arpeggios, which can help you turn an ordinary guitar solo into something spectacular and a spectacular solo into something mind blowing!

We’ll also show you the best forms for the minor and the ever popular pentatonic scales for guitar.  With these special fingerings you’ll have a complete pallet of tonal colors that you’ll be able to use to create different moods and textures.

As you’ll learn guitar scales in their various inversions, you’ll find you’ve become comfortable playing anywhere on the neck of your instrument and making the most out of the range the guitar has to offer.  Using the entire length of the neck also creates a compelling visual effect.  And, you’ll find using all these extra notes is a great way to break out of box patterns most commonly used by beginner guitarists.

Plus, we’ll show you how to play guitar arpeggios using the various scale steps. Arpeggios allow you to play faster and transition more quickly between higher and lower strings.  These arpeggios are also a great way to add a little exotic quality to your solos.

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scales for guitarLearn Major Scales for Guitar

When you learn how to play guitar using the scales, you’re not only joining the ranks of serious trained musicians, your empowering yourself to create more melodic solos.

You’ll learn the proper fingering for the minor and major scales for guitar, that’ll become second nature as you begin improving guitar solos.

These fingerings are designed for easy memorization and recall, so you can play faster with a minimum of distance for your fingers to travel to hit the right notes without having to think about it when you’re in rehearsal, studio or the stage.

As you learn guitar scales, we’ll show you how to play guitar arpeggios by using the scales as a guide to create quick sweeping runs to enhance your solos and play faster.

You’ll also learn using the pentatonic scale.  This five note form of the major scales, the guitar pentatonic scales, is a great shortcut to jump start your lead guitar playing experience.  In its minor form, you can instantly sound like a blues master.

And we’ll show you how to play these scales for guitar in their different inversions, so you’ll be making the most use of the guitar’s tonal spectrum by using the entire length of the neck.

We made it easy to learn guitar scales, with high quality video for you to follow along with.  Once you learn using the pentatonic, minor and major scales for guitar your solos will take on new life, as you’ll be playing more melodically with a greater sense of confidence.

Learn Guitar Scales

learn guitar scales
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