Free Guitar Scales eBook

free guitar scales ebookKnowing how to play scales for guitar is essential to becoming a complete guitarist.  Our free guitar scales chart eBook is a great resource for those who want to , as well as the more advanced guitarist looking to expand and keep their playing vital. 

In addition to showing the major scales for guitar and natural minor guitar scales especially charted in all 12 keys, this free eBook of scales on a guitar also includes both the pentatonic scale and the chromatic scale. Plus, our eBook includes tips & tricks for memorization, increasing finger dexterity and helping the guitarist implement these scales naturally into their playing.

While being a great supplement for those just starting , this printable guitar scales eBook is equally as beneficial for the gigging musician who wants to keep a practical guitar scales guide in their guitar case for easy reference.

This Guitar Scales eBook is absolutely 100% free.

guitar scales
guitar scales
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